Michanikos (2015)

2 channel HD video loop, 4.17 min, sound
Spliced hemp rope, painted plywood

Dancer: Sophia Mage
3D animation assistance: Halfdan Mouritzen
Motion capture assistance: Rokoko
Documentation: Torben Eskerod

Exhibited in EXTRACT V at GL Strand 10.12.15-24.01.16

Produktionen er støttet af

Michanikos is the name of a Greek folk dance, developed on the island of Kalymnos. The name literally means ‘mechanical’, and the dance is also known as ‘The Sponge Diver Dance’. In order to collect sponges on the seabed, the Greek sponge divers were the first to use industrial diving suit invented in the mid 19th century and subsequently the first to experience decompression sickness – an unexplained phenomena that killed and injured thousands of healthy young men for over half a century. In the dance, a lead dancer takes the role of a sponge diver suffering from decompression sickness, and unable to control his own legs he shakes and stutters on his feet.

Watch video documentation of the Greek folk dance Michanikos on Youtube.

For the double video projection Michanikos Amalie Smith has worked with a contemporary dancer to interpret the Greek folk dance. The dancer in Smith’s video wears a motion capture suit that tracks her movements to animate a digital figure of a diver on the bottom of the sea.