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Amalie Smith_Publication_Et Hjerte I Alt
Amalie Smith_Publication_Et Hjerte I Alt

Et hjerte i alt consists of texts and images produced between 2007 and 2017 for exhibitions, lectures, notebooks, newspaper columns, magazines etc. They have in common that they deal with how humans are connected to the world by virtue of senses, biology, technology, language and images. In 2016 and in the first months of 17 I edited – cut up, cut out, rewrote – this material from different contexts into the context of this book, and the material found a common figure in the Möbius strip (a strip that is twisted half a turn and connected in a loop, which is technically without backside), where text and image from different times and places could be edited in one and the same plane. When I cut the texts, new connections appeared at the interfaces.

The press wrote:


"Et hjerte i alt is truly an impressive collection of ten years of thought practice. (...) Ten more years, please!"

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ - Politiken

"It is a language that listens attentively while it speaks. (...) One feels nothing less than uplifted after finishing reading."

★★★★★★ - Nordjyske Stifstidende

"Beautiful, simply"


★★★★ - Berlingske

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