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Radio Sundew: We graze on the same island



Sound, 30 min


Produced for the exhibition Khôra,

curated by Nina Wöhlk for Læsø Kunsthal

8 July – 27 August 2017

The sound piece is made for a moorland landscape called Holtemmen, which is located on the remote Danish island Læsø's north coast. The piece can be streamed and used as a guide when moving around the landscape on your own, or it can be listened to as a radio montage elsewhere. Headphones are recommended. The piece is in Danish.

Radio Sundew: We graze on the same island revolves around the carnivorous plant sundew, which grows in Holtemmen's nutrient-poor soil, and the blurred gaze one must acquire if one is looking for something one does not yet know what is.

The piece is based on the Danish author JP Jacobsen, who was on Holtemmen in the summer of 1870, but also contains recordings from my own walks at Holtemmen, notes on Charles Darwin and the botanist Carl von Linné's relationship to carnivorous plants, an interview with associate professor of biology Hans Henrik Bruun and recordings from a lecture by professor of philosophy and history of ideas Dorthe Jørgensen. Along the way, sketch material from musician and songwriter Bjarke Valentin's process of writing a summer hit for the carnivorous plant sundew is played.

Hans Henrik Bruun, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Copenhagen.
Dorthe Jørgensen, professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas at Aarhus University. Dorthe Jørgensen's lecture was originally held at NTNU in Trondheim and is quoted with permission.

Speak: Amalie Smith

Music: Bjarke Valentin
Violinist: Thea Thorborg

Photos from the exhibition opening 7 July 2017: Malle Madsen

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